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Laser etching on monuments is a relatively new technology within the industry where the only limitation it has is your imagination. With laser etching you can render images of any form, and this information can be implemented into material such as black granite which is usually the makeup of most monuments. This process however, can only be done on black granite. At Central Monument, our design experts can burn any design into the granite surface allowing you to achieve close to the original copies provided the images’ quality are good. A laser etched monument design could last up to 300 years. If you’re uncertain of the design you want to go with, Central Monument can offer a broad collection of laser etched scenes for you to select from. We can also create customized laser etching monuments imagery from good quality images for you.

Laser etching monuments are one of the best ways to customize a family monument adding beautiful designs which can make this a treasured structure for a very long time. Laser etching uses a powerful beam of light that burns the design onto the black granite. These laser etchings produce high quality designs which some of the most experienced hands would never be able to reproduce. A hand etching is done by an artist, directly to the stone and can only be done well if the artist’s impression is good. After carving and lettering is etched into the granite monument, we can then personalize it with a photograph or piece of artwork.

The end result of your laser etched monument can be a true work of art; however, it all depends on the quality of the original image or artwork provided. We have timeless laser etched designs as well as personalized designs put together by our artists and those of previous customers. Anything is possible with laser etching monuments, if you think of a actual design or style, which can be difficult at the time like this, we can help you create one that will reflect the true admiration of your lost loved one. Laser monument etching is unique and can truly embody your loved ones memory. Central Monument will help you create the ultimate etched monument that will last for generations .

I’ve had nothing but an Amazing experience when dealing with this company. Matthew, Tony & Derrick are very professional. You can just tell they want to do whatever it takes to make your experience with them a positive one. I have dealt with both offices in Haughton, La and in Keithville, La. As soon as you walk in, they both make you feel like family from the moment you come through the door. Highly recommend you give this company and its employees the time to make your loved ones something truly beautiful!

Hillary C.

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