Cemetery Monument Designs

If you are thinking of designing a cemetery monument for a departed loved one, you can count on Central Monument–an expert maker of quality memorial monuments in North-western Louisiana.

Cemetery Monument Designs

Cemetery monuments are typically bigger than any other kind of grave marker and you’ll immediately notice which cemetery monument designs stand out. Monuments are interesting structures that make the cemetery a beautiful resting place for our deceased relatives. It’s an efficient commemorative medium that is sure to last for a long time. All these reasons make cemetery monuments a truly solid investment.

If you have the budget and you feel an ordinary cemetery marker does not serve your deceased loved one the best, ask about our unique cemetery monument designs.

Types of Cemetery Monuments

Granite, Bronze, Laser Etching, Civic Memorials and Unique Monuments

A granite monument from Central Monument

Granite Monuments

Central Monument designs, manufactures and delivers granite monuments of highest quality. These are monuments regarded for their attractive design which is exactly what any bereaved family would want to have for a departed loved one. The memorial monuments we manufacture are durable and capable to stand the test of time.

A bronze monument from Central Monument

Bronze Monuments

Bronze monuments are often required in memorial park cemeteries and in some areas of private cemeteries. At Central Monument, we provide the highest quality bronze memorials at some of the most competitive pricing to provide you with the best monument value.

An example of laser etching on a monument

Laser Etching Monuments

Laser etching monuments is a relatively new technology within the industry where the only limitation it has is your imagination. With laser etching you can render images of any form, and this information can be implemented into material such as black granite which is usually the makeup of most monuments.

A civic memorial designed by Central Monument

Civic Memorials

Civic memorials are designed for a broad category of monuments which include all of our veteran war heroes. At Central Monument, we’ll guide you through our design, production, and installation procedures for all of the different styles of civic memorials we create.

A unique monument designed by Central Monument

Unique Monuments

Every bereaved family wants a beautiful symbol to represent their respect for a departed loved one. People prefer unique monuments to express their great love for the deceased. Here at Central Monument, we will help you simplify the challenges that come with unique monument selection.


As mentioned above, burial monuments commonly come in large sizes. For this reason, monuments may require bigger investments compared to other grave markers. But given the endurance of a well-crafted monument, it can bring forth at twice the length of service that its contemporaries are capable of. If you come to think of it, monuments are truly worth the investment.

Design Options

At Central Monument, we welcome our customer’s creative imagination. We let you contribute to the design of the monument dedicated to your departed loved ones. We have an array of cemetery monument designs where you can choose from or use as inspiration. Our collection comes in a range of materials, colors, sizes, and other supplemental features.

We take pride in our granite monuments which we skillfully design in accordance to our customer’s desires. Our angel monuments, being one of the most popular choices, possess exquisite charm that enhances the grave’s overall aesthetics.

Central Monument is also proficient in monument engraving. We have a way to put inscriptions artistically. We make sure that the monuments we create are embellished in a way that demonstrates a life well lived.

Our customers choose us over other monument companies because of our expertise, experience and works of art. With every monument we craft, we know a grieving family finds comfort. Through our excellent craftsmanship and quality materials, we are able to build funeral monuments that convey a message of affection which will never be forgotten.

I’ve had nothing but an Amazing experience when dealing with this company. Matthew, Tony & Derrick are very professional. You can just tell they want to do whatever it takes to make your experience with them a positive one. I have dealt with both offices in Haughton, La and in Keithville, La. As soon as you walk in, they both make you feel like family from the moment you come through the door. Highly recommend you give this company and its employees the time to make your loved ones something truly beautiful!!

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